Stella di Luce – Star of Light

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Finally, I can share the beautiful project that has kept me and Alessandro Beber busy in the last few weeks!
I was contacted in late October to provide thousands of stars, to be sent along with a magazine by Trento municipality, our closest city. They produce a free magazine including local news and activities, for all their citizens (around 48.000 copies, probably one copy per family), and those stars would be included in the December issue.
We suggested to produce a tear-and-fold prescored kit, which could be easily attached to the magazine and delivered, complete with graphic and video instructions. People could then assemble their own stars, and hang them on their windows, to be part of the Christmas season in the city despite the current covid-measures.
Unfortunately, this year it will not be possible to carry out the traditional Christmas markets and all other related events and  the Municipality wanted to send a thought of closeness to the citizens through this gift. The “Stars of light” will also be distributed to retirement homes for the elderly, nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools in the city, so that the message of hope reaches the whole community.
The very short deadlines and the technical difficulties of the design and the management of the various phases of the project made this work particularly intense, but also very interesting and enjoyable, and we are happy to have been part of it and satisfied with the result!


The magazine is being delivered right now, including two pre-scored A4 sheets of thick glossy paper to construct the “Stella di Luce” star (here you can read “Trento Informa” magazine)
The magazine and the prescored cardboards were produced by La Grafica srl, who also supported us with competence and patience in the testing and prototyping.
The diagrams can be downloaded on the page dedicated to the Star of Light on Trento Municipality website; also the star’s template are available on the same page, ready to be printed on A4 cardboards, and they can be useful for anyone who does not live in Trento or who wish to make more copies ***.
The beautiful video-instructions were produced by Corrado Menegatti and Alessandro Chenetti, and are available here:; we are particularly pleased with this result, because they made the tutorial more dynamic and enjoyable, thanks to a clever editing!
First photograph by Comune di Trento

Graphic instructions by Alessandro Beber e Alessandra Lamio


*** In order to properly assemble the star, you need to print it on a stiff card: the normal copy paper does not fit! If you print it, I also recommend that you mark the folds with a blunt tip before folding them, to get a cleaner result.
And if you also want to take a picture of it, you could add the hashtag #illuminiamotrento,in order to participate and support the nice initiative of our town even from afar.